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#179 - The Birthday Boy 1

It looks like it's a certain someone's birthday! Kitties and hugs for John? The boy may be liable to explode! Also if I'm not mistaken, this marks the first appearance of Carol, Cheryl's twin sister! Wonder why she hasn't appeared often? Don't worry, we'll find out soon enough!
2022-08-07 18:48:09 
This is so friggin' heartwarming! And I do hope that Cheryl can make this work out. I am sure John would understand no matter what. And mmmm Carol, she's amazing. I look forward to see some info on that.
2022-08-08 18:20:49 
For that information go read Leftover Soup.
2022-08-10 10:01:39 
I have to admit that I have a lot of mixed feelings about 'Cheryla' - on one level, I thought she was the most attractive if the Leftover Soup crowd, but on a much deeper level, she was a 'dirty cop' - She tried to entrap Jaime, which was the basic equivalent of planting evidence on a suspect, and she is going to have to work long and hard before she can redeem herself in my opinion. Yes, she's started, but I still don't trust her.
2022-08-11 16:44:19 
I have to level with you, I too wasn't a big fan of Cheryl during the original run of Leftover Soup. In fact, there were times I felt a might twinge of disdain at certain points too. However, as the comic progressed and eventually concluded, I felt as though there was plenty of room for her character to grow. There's no denying she's isn't a great person character-wise but I feel as though she has room to be soft and likable in some aspects. Perhaps her friendship with John might help influence her into becoming a better person?