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#186 - Wrestling The Competition 3

You all didn't think that we'd never see Dr. Withering again now did you? After all, she had to do something after her reputation was trashed quite effectively by that pesky thing called 'truth'. Storming out of a venue isn't common for professional wrestlers when they have a bone to pick with their promotion, but it's certainly not impossible. However doing so can lead to some reputation damage and can make it hard for them to find work.. unless of course... work finds them.
2022-11-13 11:37:36 
Uh ohhhhhhhhhhh! Oh boy I can only hope this is just going to be an angle on the up and up but probably not!
2022-12-17 01:11:22 
Oh, no! Supervillain time...I hope she's not looking for hired muscle, or something.