Brendan "Captain Charisma"

A veteran in the field of professional wrestling, Brendan has developed a bit of an inflated ego and a self-entitled attitude to boot. Though that's not to say he's not good at his craft. He's been the poster boy for a number of promotions throughout his career with GWW being the latest one... well that is until very recently.

He loves to work out and boasting about his stature and capabilities even more. The only person he's in love with is himself, success and money following very closely after. It's hard to determine whether or not he respected the sport of pro wrestling at some point of his life but one thing is for sure. He realized it worked for him and he refused to let go the moment he realized this.

First Appearance: #185 - Wrestling The Competition 2 Last Appearance: #198 - The Resilient Rich Recalcitrant 8
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