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#177 - Spiritual Searching 3

Say, doesn't that ranger look familiar? He's quite a busy fellow, working two jobs and volunteering for the Forest Service. Luckily for both him and Monique, Roxanne's past experiences have saved the day! Thank you slightly annoying judicial system!
2022-07-10 17:26:58 
Ermagerd the little capybara though! Please work out a solution so they can have those adorable little bitties (that become adorable big capys). Aaaaaaaaaaa I love this!
2022-07-11 03:13:47 
Roxanne could have also suggested a Ha-ha , yet another concept that I first heard of through the writings of the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett, although owners still have to signpost the things to stop people from falling into them.
2022-07-11 17:19:52 
Whoa, I never heard of these before, that's awesome! I may have to see if I can incorporate this somewhere but yes, thank you for teaching me something new today! XD
2022-07-18 14:48:27 
Oh yes! That's definitely a great idea from MAC089!
2022-07-24 07:18:29 
You're welcome!
2022-07-11 22:28:41 
I ALSO immediately thought of ha-has!
2022-07-21 18:25:29 
Looking forward to more Monique; we didn't find out enough about her during Leftover Soup.
2022-07-23 22:43:31 
This certainly won't be the last we see of Monique!
2022-07-22 06:07:57 
Certainly a very lil' bebe capybara there! And hopefully the solution works for all parties involved! Or, just invite the rodents over to a spring to chill.